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Soil/Substrate pH meter S300 Pro

Article number AMT1030

This digital soil pH/temperature meter can be used to measure the pH and temperature of coconut soil and other moist, soft substrates or liquids. The user-friendly buttons ensure that the meter is extremely easy to operate. The meter is delivered fully calibrated and includes batteries.

How does the meter work? 

  1. Connect the BNC connector of the electrode to the pH meter and remove the protective cap containing storage solution from the electrode.
  2. Rinse the electrode with running water and dry it using clean kitchen paper.
  3. Press the hold button to turn on the meter.
  4. Place the meter in the (soft) soil or liquid to be measured.
  5. Wait for the value to stabilize. The measurement is now complete.
  6. Press the hold button to save the measurement. Do not forget to press the Hold button again when the meter is used once more.
  7. Rinse the meter with clean water after use, so that no residue is left on the electrode.
  8. ​Replace the electrode in the protective cap containing the storage solution. Press the hold button to turn off the meter.

This box contains

  • 1 x Digital penmeter S300 Pro
  • 1 x User Manual (NL + EN + DE)
  • 1 x Including batteries
  • 1 x Calibrated and ready for use
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